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Anonymous asked:
"I am amazed by your Doctor Who Tardis bookcase! Did you create it? Did a friend/family? Or is it something out there to buy or follow instructions for? I'd have killed for this when I was younger but it tempts me to force my 15 year old son into a bedroom theme/paint job/etc and eventually take it over when he moves out after 5+ years :) (He better not dent it if I do!) Thanks from Neith"

Hiya! That’s such a good idea! You know, I would have a completely fandom-themed room if I wasn’t moving out in like 3 years :((((((((( But I think you should totally do it! GO FOR IT, it’s actually the most self-satisfying thing ever and not a day goes by where I don’t appreciate my bookshelf (just to sort of blow my own horn a bit). Actually what happened was I designed it and begged my dad (because he’s quite the handyman) and initially he said he would if I made proper building dimensions and plans, but in the end he looked them over and decided it would be too difficult for him but luckily for us our neighbour is a cabinet maker by trade and said he would do it very cheaply with just the cost of materials, so my dad agreed to pay for it as my 18th birthday present. I actually have a how-to post if you want to use that :)


HI THERE. Ok so I have gotten countless messages both on here and on facebook asking how to make my precious blue box, so I decided that I will make a MASTER POST ON MAKING YOUR OWN TIME MACHINE!

Sorry if the instructions are bad - I’m not actually the one who built this so it will by no means be written in builder lingo.

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