believe me to be, very sincerely yours

Hello people of the internet. I am Morgan and I am fandom and emotions and ranting and sleep and a lot less funny than I think I am. To find out more about how cool I am, click on the left.
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Haiii MTV welcum 2 ma blog

come, come, sit, make yourself comfortable

Hopefully by now you already know I am Morgan. So hey. Nice to meet you. Glad we finally met.

I’m from New Zealand and if you haven’t heard of it then that’s ok you probably don’t want to. If you tell me you have heard of it and it’s because of Lorde and omg you love her sahhh much hehe then nek plz.

I’m part of many a fandom which you can see a list of here.

Um currently double majoring in Film Studies and Political Science at the University of Auckland, so please come talk to me about all that jazz I’d absolutely piss myself from excitement.

I have a face as well which features a little too frequently on this blog here I am in photobombing my friends’ photo

and here’s me cosplaying Daenerys because she’s my favourite everything ever and I hope to one day assimilate myself into her very being

(if you want my nudes click here)

My best friend is Abby. She was Head Girl, Rowing Captain, a House Captain, a Model, and in general A REALLY NICE PERSON AND TOP STUDENT AT MY OLD SCHOOL. Fr srs. My best friend is all of those things. It’s awesome. And we’ve been bestest budz for 7 years, we’ve never had a single fight or disagreement, and I seriously see myself growing old with her.


Here’s me and Abigail:

This is from the road trip we just took ahhhh such a lovely happy photo of us

Here’s her modeling just cus I think she’s gorge and I want to show her off

Also another note, I don’t tag the stuff I watch (e.g i don’t tag doctor who gifs with ‘doctor who’ or anything) BUTTTT I tag random crap you won’t want to bother with but I tag it for personal reasons.

So that’s pretty much all you need to know about me, I think I’ve covered all the important stuff but if there’s anything else you want to know, just ask. No really, ask! I love to get messages and I wanna be your friend! PLEASE COME LOVE ME. But b4 u ask pls check my FAQ thx~~~~